Our community

We are building a community of people who are connected to the films we make.  They are the initiators of conversations about the issues covered and we hope this inspires change in the way we feel and think about the world we live in.

We like the philosophy of the indigenous communities in North America. They come together in story-telling circles, places where people feel safe enough to tell their own stories. Once the stories are given to the circle, they became the responsibility of the whole community. We would like our community to be the holders of people’s stories.

Let Me Go

Our first film Let Me Go is a very personal story within a universal setting.

The inheritance of trauma across the generations is something that affects us all, whether it is a dramatic world event, such as a war or a disaster, or a personal relationship within one family.  Many of us have experienced living with trauma from the past and the question of whether or not we can avoid passing this trauma on to our children.  So much of the bloodshed and pain that we are experiencing in the world today can be linked back to trauma from previous generations.

We would like to encourage dialogue around this issue.